On July 5, 2014 starts an international transcontinental motorbike tour, called

 “GREAT RUSSIAN 10000км”


The tour will go across the whole “Mother-Russia”, from Murmansk to Vladivostok.

Such is the custom at human beings that they thirst for cognition of their potential, limits and resources. From the practical point of view, such “amusements” of Homo Sapiens, as diving, mountaineering, parachuting, etc, are out of reason. With the exception of one tiny aspect, which was voiced by ancient Greeks as “GNOTHISE AUTON”, which means “KNOW THYSELF”.

However, interests of mankind cannot be confined to diving, mountaineering and parachuting, (which are known as risky occupations). There exists also one more human species, called Homo Two-wheeleous. This uncommon race is prepared to stick to his bike round the clock, and even so they somehow get an immense satisfaction from this hours-long or even days-long FLIGHT OVER THE ROAD.

And since human is a social being, consequently he searches for like-minded persons in any sphere of his life activities. This is exactly where the idea was born. Once a year, pilots are gathered from all around the world, to take a ride across the whole Russia i.e. from coast-to-coast.

Thus, thanks to our common efforts, such an opportunity will appear next year. All bikers are invited for supporting of participants on-path. Those who were touched by this enterprise are welcome to write, call and ask. And let this event be Delightful. Let it become a Celebration!

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