Crossing Russia or running people…

I think that every Russian has a dream – to pass all of Russia from edge to edge. Usually it is the desire to abstract, but there is a certain kind of people who do not wait and go for their dreams. This year, 2014, they were nine of possessed people. And that was very nice, one of them – was a charming woman, Olga.
The route of this year, from Murmansk to Vladivostok, and would like to describe with a great deal of poetry – “from sea to sea”, “from west to east”, “from north to south,” and so on … Well, if you get a little more prosaically , this year the participants experienced and climatic zones from tundra to the subtropics, and changes in temperature from 5 to 35 degrees, and weather conditions from thunderstorms to the scorching sun.
And when you consider the time that these pictures, I sometimes experience for half an hour and 10,650 kilometers were pressed in nine days, you will receive an extraordinary fusion of emotions, images, adventure and personal discovery.
More detail about run you can find in the diary of run “GREAT RUSSIA 10X10”, that took place thanks for the support of the Russian Geographical Society.
So …
5th of July.
This July morning Murmansk saw off “The Constant Tin Soldiers”. The air was warmed up to 6 degrees above zero and internet forecast didn`t promise the snow. Participants shivered with cold in the wind, but they tried didn`t show that they were . So … The second run “GREAT RUSSIA × 10 October 2014″was successfully started.
The boys gathered at the memorial to the defenders of the Arctic, laid flowers, giving interviews to shivering reporters and said goodbye to the hospitable Murmansk. ome ageless veterans and the guys of the club “MURMAN RIDERS” came to see off participants. Denis Moiseyev from the Russian Geographical Society address with words of encouragement. Everybody wanted the successful passage and less adventures, but it was hardly possible. Incidents have already begun – before starting Slava`s bike had a problem with sensor of the cool air and he had to change the bike.
Never the less the race in 2014 have eight men and one woman bikers. Yes … you`ve heard right – in our ranks there was a pretty girl Olga, so the guys who plan to participate the next year there is something to think about.
The first stop is in Vytegra. Six people were planning to stay overnight according the rules, and three mads follow on their own schedule.
Participants of the run:
3 BMW gs
Harley elektrichka
Triumph roket
Yamaha TDM 900
Yamaha FJR
Yamaha sport (do not remember the model)
Olga goes to Kawasaki ER6
Follow the news of the run.
to be continued …
conclusions of the first day …
Slava Serb and Serge Lapin went to alluring silence of the night atheir ccording schedule, and seven rest had a cozy hotel that was located in Vytegra. The guys discussed the day and made ​​plans for the next

June 6th.
This day has was full of quivering impressions, in fact for which we are going on the road.
Pasha Doktor touched the dividing line of the road that was coverd by water, slipped on it and was impressed by the strong shaking. Luckily Gus`,he didn`t fall but caught protector for covering and returned to a stable state. But plastic mudguard was thrown like a lizard’s tail …
Our pride – Olenka situated in Vologda ruined bolts suitcases and a quiet Sunday afternoon rushed through the city searching of suitable hardware. Thus lost a lot of time and by ten o’clock she wasn`t in Kirov .
A Kirov …
In this city, we organized a royal welcome. Andrew seved the table for the participants and we felt like a hero of the memorable run of unforgettable works of Ilf and Petrov.
July 7.
This day was like a championship on dressing raincoats. Tthe sun and storm clouds swaped places during the day with the speed of light and the guys just were fed up with wearing raincoats .
One of Beloyarskii village close to Yekaterinburg had a huge banner thatmakeus so much fun and warm: “Are you freezing? -We can warm you! EROTIC MASSAGE “. This sign smile every trucker. But it’s all jokes, and essentially the balance by the end of the third day run was as follows:
Slava Serb and Sergey Lapin went ahead to Novosibirsk.
the rest went hard and slow. By ten o’clock no one got to the hotel in Tyumen. Meeting pilots Alexey Himik lots of time asked us about guys. And all of them was not on the horizon yet …
July 8.
I write very briefly, because there is no time.
so …
The last night we lost Olgat. But this strong girl finally got to Tyumen close to midnight.
Dima, son of John began to fall behind – there came a fork. Leaky gland. Will mend in Novosibirsk.
Slava Serb and Seryoga Lapin had some damage.
Serbs attacked by a pack of rabid what that cormorants. Birds were so large that one swooped on a rack mount side and bent her suitcase. while increasing the crack in the “tail” pits. He had to shoot and side bags. Slava left them in Novosibirsk, at the hotel. Again – all overload the machine.
In Seryoga Lapin called to Shem from Kemerovo – this Siberian instantly accept to repair. Respect him.
The rest of the move on the regime.
Hang up the Navy … (15 minutes and again in the street)
July 9.
That’s half of the distance was passed. To tape during the brake just inpossible beacause of lack of time thats why I wrote these lines, in the way. 5480 miles on the odometer from Murmansk and we are on target approaching distance to Kansk.
We happily lost one member. Dmitry Ionin had to repair his bike in Novosibirsk.Plus, he has a relatives there and yet surprisingly quickly.
And the other guys continued their full impressions way east. By mid-race began the very’s transformation in consciousness, which I have warned before the start. Namely … When a person is in the saddle for 14-16 hours per day, his consciousness inevitably begins to compress into a single experience emotional and contemplative formation. Subjectively – day lasts much longer, due to much larger quantities of pictures, people, sunsets, meetings, roads. The intensity of the experience increases in the order, as compared to a normal life, and mind perceives it as a single, massive, intellectual and physical doping.
This transformation is very impressive of any person and that it encourages the search for such experiences and later in life. It is this shared life into “before” and “after” eating these emotions …
Well, this lyrical, so to speak, the retreat. And on the merits such things …
Even in Vytegra, Dima, son of John picked up a brave virus that spreads at an incredible rate. Hitting the musculoskeletal system of our two-wheeled smaller brothers – the gap seals front forks.
Thus, Achinsk “sick” our third party – Kawasaki er6, Olga Korneeva.
We caught up with Krasnoyarsk and immediately began searching for details. As adopted in the “Strategic Psychology” look forward to a better development of the situation. In the meantime, Olga hobbles to “kick” Konyk towards Kansk.
Otherwise, everything we do well. Even decent stragglers Danya and Sergey promised to hang on to Kansk and rejoin the team.
By the way – today and chinilsya Dankin Harley. Morning “quarreled” with signaling and flatly refused to become operational without mechanical “pendalya.” But fearing mechanics ceased to be capricious and took Daniel to the east.
About repairing Olga’s “Ruff” you, my dear readers, will know tomorrow … But the news today is no more. Good Luck …
ps And Slava Bura, co-pilot escort vehicles, visited seditious thought – wash the car right in the middle run. Our jeep as he heard such rubbish from nerves already busted windshield. So we’re going teperyacha arrow on the windshield …
July 10. Irkutsk.
All mixed up at Oblonsky’s home.
Minor damage alternated with big)))))))
Shock absorbers, stretchers, gaskets, plastic, wheels – all flew away like birds.
That tenacious team I’ve never met.
Motorcycle broke just enough to be repaired by local craftsmen and the next morning to continue the path.
Thanks to all the great sympathetic and mechanics for help on the road .
But whatever it was, all participants were in the system and continued to go on schedule.
July 11th. Chita.
Bored to talk about repairs. They did not decrease, but only became more diverse.
But this is not important. Today is the birthday of our co-pilot of Fame Borax. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!
We “blurted” double coffee break for his health and poke until Chita.
Lapin only stayed in Ulan Ude to wait for new rubber.
Tomorrow hopefully we’ll catch up.
On 12 July. Skovorodino.
By the end of run reports are getting shorter.
Fatigue affects. Yesterday Olenka was so tired that did not get to find a hotel in Chita and stopped at a roadside 30 km from the city in the room with three strangers.
So tired …
All in service and more than that – the band became more compact. Today, almost in full pack will spend the night in Skovorodino.
July 13.
Tat day were the lightest of 1200 km. Flat, empty road with a very good finish.
Failure was not the end and not to fix – just participants got used to them and learned not to notice))))))))
All participants at the end of the distance got together. Leaders often broke down and stopped the run, and those who are a bit lagged managed to catch up with them. Thus in Khabarovsk the night gathered all the drivers except restless Glory Serbia. This tireless rested a couple of hours to Skovorodino and went 2000 km to Vladivostok in 22 hours. And finished the first 8 days !!!!!!!!!!!
So congratulations to finish first Serba !!!!!!!!!
July 14th.
It was the day of arrival. Among the nine members – eight finished. Only the son of John, Dmitry could not reach Vladivostok, but not for technical and operational reasons – he was not given enough time. All the rest – it was safely to the finish brought wagons of experience and impressions from the sea sight. Now you can sleep, relax, slowly digest what you have seen, experienced, informed and gather in … way back …
For all of us – Breathe, inhale wind and road …
Congratulations to all participants !!!


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