Feedback from the participants runs.



Good day. There was not enough time to write this report about the trip, and there were many friends who have said and written already, so I will not repeat, and give my opinion and my impressions briefly.
Thank you all.
Thank you who took part, thanks to those who organized, thanks to family and friends that understood how I wanted it.
How it was.
Since I am basically an easy-going person, the decision was made overnight, and there were no charges and preparations. There was only thing – I bought plane tickets: Vladivostok – St. Petersburg (back home) in advance, and then who knows what. I am sure there was only a motorcycle, knew it would not let me down. On a good road and weather you can not count, but somehow I was not upset. Perhaps the belief in luck and good fortune helped.
To say that people get tired, means to say nothing. All of your schedule, your speed limit, but the result of one – tired of all. But that was fatigue of a good, kind way. Such fatigue as a result of the body ceases to pay attention to different things, the concentration does not disappear, but on the contrary, you unite with the track and the bike.
Almost everything got broken. The road had no proper cover, a lot of repairs, a lot of gravel road. After rain the road in places sometimes blurred. But the whole route went well.
Thank you, people. Central Russia – one kind of people. Beyond the Urals – another. People behind the Urals good, open, without a central arrogance. Thank you truckers! Always helped, suggested sympathy. These guys can be trusted, they’ll see in a mirror, they hear you when overtaking, they’ll understand. Drivers – motorists are not always adequate, but oh, God will judge them, show-off has not been canceled.
Nothing special to say. Huge bow guys who organized this event, thank you for your support, for your enthusiasm, thanks for ideas and inspiration. Thank you Gene for stories, because in difficult times, day and night you stayed connected and coordinated everything. Thank you friends.
Why is it all right. Yes, just like that. It’s fun, it’s expensive, it’s people, this relationship is an opportunity to be alone with yourself, it’s an opportunity to turn away from the world and know yourself alone with difficulties. Many people say, “Yes you are tired as a dog, so what?
“Who is going to spit on someone on the Sparrow, someone goes from cafe to cafe, someone sitting on forums, someone ……. can continue. And we just ride, and for me these impressions mean a lot. I saw what I wanted to see, I did what I wanted to do. I had my own schedule and place. I made new friends who you can call at any time of the day and they will be happy to help you or just to talk, despite the time zone difference and employment.
Be yourself. Good luck to all.


Sevara / Olga Kornev /

When I was asked to write about my impressions, I thought, “What can you write about a life lived separately? “After all, these days run – is exactly one more life.
You can’t put this into words,emotions. This is something that is often remembered, and the person breaks into a smile. Only one of the participants know what it’s worth. Journey that was going on inside. This is not only impression from what you see around you, what kind of people you meet, with. What are the challenges you face. This is a very cool experience. I often I remember one day run – I was approached by a guy trucker,sat down on the pavement, something asked, and then said: “Listen, tell me – honestly. I understand everything. I can not understand only one thing – why is it necessary? “) Every day, from morning till night, all the time on the road. And, behold, really, why? I smiled, I did not know – why)
I’m writing these lines – and smile)) Things like these run, it’s brightest moments of life. And if you really want to try, to participate, but I did not know – what, do not let that stop! This is one of the few places where you can meet totally unique, amazing and very interesting people!
I am very grateful to the organizers of Glory and Gennady run for their help and support for the idea of a path and put it into practice!


BALOO / Nikolay Motyavin /

What can I say…
1. The overall impression. I really liked it. I probably could not dislike it. I wanted this for a long time. It was my childhood
dream. Someone wanted to make a million, well, I wanted to get to
Vladivostok on a motorcycle :)))) Strangely, perhaps, that everyone wants to Europe
I always wanted to Vlad. At least in Europe, I still got before, but
for me, it was even better. There was a practical understanding
some important issues.
2. Better go comfortably. Say what you like, daily, monotonous work. Therefore, you need a good bike prepare, it should be comfortable. Unfortunately, sport-tourist is not suitable. Well, if you are not a masochist, of course. You need a 100% tourist.
3. What I was not ready for. Psychologically, I was not ready for daily
1000-1200km. The third – the fifth day of the trip for me were
the heaviest. Psychologically, it was very difficult to force myself to get up at 7 am and sit on the saddle. How to imagine that even the whole day to go, and there is still a hoo, I wanted to find a reason not to go. On the third day
fifth point has already been thoroughly rubbed. If it were not for Pasha “Doctor” – that it would be quite difficult. Since his bike was “Serzhantovskoe” saddle he kindly drove me. It brightened third train, fourth and fifth days. Ass was really an iron. Not that I did not pass before so, no, sometimes more. But here so that no break – never.
Typically, one day – then one rest, and so on. Therefore, for this trip
gained invaluable experience in long journeys. Another had a puncture.
In general, all was good, but again – no experience with long traveling at low temperatures. When I was on the point of collection to Murmansk in Kandalaksha hit the low clouds, rain and drizzle
temperature of +3 to +5.
Meanwhile raincoat and gloves were strips than not covered with hands.
That’s through these open spaces while I drove to Murmansk (almost 300 km) notably freezed me. So much so that I’m not really a drinker
person in five in the morning looking for a bottle of cognac. Not found, went into the room and hour, at least, was almost at boiling water in the shower. Conclusion: equipment is important. It is advisable to consider everything.
4. What I liked. I often go to work in the country. Where many
visited our country, see a lot. But here in the summer in the Arctic it does not happen. I liked very much: the unique unspoiled nature with
unique landscapes, many rivers and lakes. Some days are polar
that would return there again. Local bikers Murmansk
liked. Met very well. Settled, a ride through the city,
showed interesting places. When accompanied, handed over the bank on Cod liver – a local souvenir.
My impression is that portion of Vytegra Krasnoyarsk passed unnoticed.
All about the same: forests, fields, rivers, and again forests, fields, rivers. Nothing memorable. From Krasnoyarsk begins another planet. one
Yenisei replace all European experience, and then another and Baikal. so Much it turned out that we were there just a little bit, even did not swim! In the morning, washed and drove on. But in my heart Baikal
left a strong impression. I tossed a coin, then there must be a
return. But after Lake Baikal began the most beautiful places – Buryatia. I can say that in these steppes I left heart. It is very
beautiful. This mountain and hills, and beautiful mountain passes with streamers and river valleys, and most importantly – the steppe. Field, leaving to horizon and passing into the hills. Herds of wild horses grazing in the steppe. Across endless fields then blue, then pink. I do not know what it is, but it looks just awesome. We were lucky with the weather. All day the sun was shining and the sky was blue – blue. Imagine gold field and blue – blue sky – it was worth going! Remember “Putin’s road” from Chita to Khabarovsk. Not to say that is very beautiful, but when you go to “almost perfect” highway 200-300km, and even around. Mostly, this “great road” failed in the marshes, and
already looks like a washboard. Hundreds more to go did not,
could throw off the road. Well, Vlad, of course! …. Vlad – a city
of freedom. For me, it will be always so. I’ve been there many times before, but when I rode into town on the moto, then, in my opinion, I even shed a tear.
Remember that all went to the hotel, and I rushed to the “Sailor” photo
and make friends to call.
5. Road. In general there was a good way everywhere. Motorcycle or car can ride safely. Along the way, we have not met the water barrier, or completely “dead” road. All was normal. There were areas with repair and gravel road – to me they did not seem critical. Yes, there were lots of “gloomy” roads, but it seems to me that they only
added color to travel.
In general, all was well.
6. Organization. I liked it. It was very convenient that there were
pre-booked hotels, Kirov was even a freebie)). It was not necessary
to spend time searching for accommodation and parking. We always slept in a decent hotel (subject to a specific place), and motorcycles always stood under protection. Pleased with the organizers and so with GPS.
When you go home, put these beacons in motorcycle, and already sitting home, watching their movements by rail. During this special thank you.
There was also organized roadside assistance. If someone has broken himself could not resolve the issue, the organizers found the service from the local motobrothers. No one was left without attention. Everything gets, even complex repair to search. I remember a biker from Irkutsk local club, he met us on a white Hyundai Solaris. We were met by a strong kind of guy that is characteristic, with the barrel
on the belt. Talk about was this: “… so, guys yeah, let’s go
to us …., … .. can handle yourself, young man …. So here’s my card … with lads, cops and everyone else do not worry, we are all to Chita questions decide to call … “. For some reason I really believed him. The organization was
VERY GOOD :)))))))
7. What I didn’t like. I guess that it was not possible to
stop and look at the passing beauty more. I thought,
I can see everything in detail. But it was not. On the third
or fourth day the way I have something sad on this account, but then I thought,
and decided that it was not a walk as I used to think – and I Stephane Peterhansel
…. :))))))) And a real rally – and everything went well!
8. Wishes to the organizers. Guys! On Lake Baikal to be done a day’s rest. Everything equal to 9 days get off. And all within driving distance. 10,000 for 10 days. One of the drawbacks associated with the fact that all of us together did not work “Unite” to 100%. On the track at all different pace, someone already asleep, someone
it only comes and someone is already going on.


Sergei Lapin

I enjoyed it – for such people go consciously. Consequently,
ready for anything that is waiting on the road, and from it all derive great
pleasure. It is right that there is a question about the maximum
Autonomous run. A surprising exception to this rule, we all have
seen. Very cool organized local roadside assistance
bikers – huge thanks to them. But even they are not always able to help – because of lack of spare parts. Therefore wishes – it is better to prepare the bike for all complexities of rapid movement on our roads. Equipment denies much earlier than the pilot. The organization runs on height – I can not imagine how nerve cells lost from the experience for everyone us for 9 days from the organizers. It’s one thing to roll one somewhere, and quite another – to organize such a run, and be responsible for all.
Many thanks from the heart. Now there is something to remember every day. Great company – great organization –
different route – that is the traveler’s happiness.


B.P. Lekar

July 5, Murmansk
Heavy leaden sky, the temperature of +5 8-00. Did not go to
all the famous monument to the soldiers of the 2nd World War, “Alyosha”
Starting from the hotel, along with Danya on a Harley. We go into the mode of 110-130,
cold, sometimes a very fine rain. Nature corresponds to the northern
edge, small birches that it is unclear how to live in a swamp. Marshes
circle, the road passes, or should I say hundreds of kilometers
swamps. Stop near the “Arctic Circle”.
My wife and I have seen similar, but the on the Finnish side. There’s a Beat significantly better. On one of us catches up with refills (Nikolai from Moscow). We go way, but one of the repairs got lost.
Repair of roads unpleasant thing, liquid clay mixed with gravel. BMW surprisingly is very worthy. Medvezhyegorsk called at super hotel and restaurant “Medvedka”, will be those edges, compulsory to attend. Kitchen, and in particular cutlets and the ear of the bear – delicious, delicious!
Then begins 300 km. roads or rather its bombed back in
1941 and thereafter it did. Even go on a super bike
can not be more than 30 km / h, the pit width of 20-40 cm and a depth of 10-20 cm.
Met a motorcycle with a cracked disc, but it was already helping, and
the company he had, so we drove on. Nature around –
pine forests, not go into that, and do not go out, because of the small undergrowth.
Arrived in Vytegra in 00-00, the first day is lived !!! Hotel with a very
complex called “Vytegra” waiting for us in small rooms, without
hot water, no cafe, but with the price of 2700 rubles. for a single room.
Cafe-diner found a kilometer from the hotel, and well come to be 9
motorcycle, because we have gathered to look at all of the local, a little
sober people. Results of the first day are – in Murmansk will be
soon to drive fast on any bike, but in Vytegra I will not go.
Came two Medraydera – one of the C-PB drove 600 km, the second of
Kandalaksha traveled 1,300 kilometers to a 6-00 July 6 to wish us good
road to Vladivostok. The journey began.

6 July 6-00 Vytegra- Kirov
Fog, eerie fog, I do not see the gray goose, which is 50 meters
behind. Garmin was his habit, pledged “cheerful”
programmers, driving us off the track and starts in the village. It feels
that time stood still in this village with 70-80-ies.
A herd of cows, number of heads 25, driving through the village girl, all wooden houses, rides towards “snake” on a moped drunk grandfather.
Filling the same as in my childhood memories, when his father was
“Penny” WHA. Well, that geese are not very sensitive to gasoline, and we crossed, dressed. Near Vologda turned on Tot’ma, the weather was a bit too much for us, and allowed you to remove raincoats only for 2 hours. Smells antiquity around, even at gas stations selling wooden souvenirs.
Dense traffic, caught up with Eugene on Triumph, go three. Surprisingly, Triumph of the wild for motor bike volume of 2.3 liters, is our “Asphalt” with the “geese”. The white falls off rear mudguard.
Around the beautiful fields, practically to the horizon, almost all the way to us accompanied by a rainbow. It is especially beautiful here, it feels like each color has a width of about a kilometer, photos do not convey the whole beauty. Almost fell, good road workers … … FEMALES – they paint over “Smearing” markup, oil paint. Which in the rain gets worse ice. Well, all ended well. They arrived at the Kirov before dark. A beautiful, successfully preserved town. Stopped at the pharmacy. Nice. Go three more turns slowly, but much quieter. Checked in the hotel, then another good news – it’s free for us, the organizers tried. Forces only enough for shower. I fail to sleep with speed

/ Lem / Sergey Lyushnin

The desire to visit Lake Baikal and Vladivostok pestered me for a long time. But to get there there with a convenient opportunity to work did not, tours with someone also did not develop. That Is Why
the idea of a run of 10 * 10 was interesting. For the first time, in 2013, it did not work out – I went to Kara Sea for a month, but the second run I was waiting for one of the first registered.
In general, all the disadvantages of such a regime movements were immediately apparent, and “sympathizers” not
just announced even before the trip – 1000 km a day for 10 consecutive days to go hard, you will not see anything
but the road etc etc. etc. But the desire to try overrode:-)
Yes, in general, everything that was said – was true. Really hard given quickly flies through the huge space and do not have a chance to stop and something see often a pity to waste time, even on the photo … But at the same time you can estimate the size of the country, its varied and beautiful. There was not one day when it was
boring and uninteresting to go, always get something new and unexpected. I was struck by this everyday thing as proper road, its physical fabric. Imagine a band of height meter and a half, 10 meters wide and 10,000 km long. How much has been invested in labor
human …The road, by the way, was surprisingly good. There were broken segments, repairing areas. But in general, it is absolutely ridable on any vehicle, well except perhaps sports car. Not far from Kemerovo met Moscow Mazda 3 guy there reached approximately 3 days.
Results of the trip:
– 13 days to go
– 13200 km run (to Murmansk I drove around Ladoga and through Finland)
– The average speed of about 80-90 km / h
– Maximum – 1740 km in 24 hours
– Overnight at the hotel, but 3 times and in the field slept for an hour and a half, since completely cut down. B
one of them – became closely acquainted with the midge, a real horror, as a result of going almost running, spitting, sneezing and nervously waving hands)))
– Double-dry and handy canister in Finland and under Vytegra
– There is 100-150 kilometers between major cities