So, my friends … the season 2014 is finishing. It was so nice to ride from Murmansk to Vladivostok, and thank you very much again to all who participated and helped, worried, supported, waited,saw off and met. Because without you it would not have taken place !!!
Couple days before there was a call from Murmansk and we`ve heard the “simple” question – “when do we start the run in 2015?))) … That`s why I guess we should do everything that we can to organize the III rally-raid MAD RIDER RUN 2015!
We have nothing planned in details – no route, no exact starting date and neither the way of organization. Now we share with you some thoughts on options, and depending on your comments we will come to some decisions.
The approximate starting date – end of June – early July. The basic starting point – Sevastopol or Novorossiysk, it depends on the situation with the ferry and the ability to “line up” in advance)).
There is an idea to make at the same time the second starting point – from St. Petersburg or Murmansk, and meet in the Tyumen region))). Thus, you choose where to start, depending on the preferences and length of leave.
The question could we find a vehicle tracking, and how it will move the chart – is not clear yet, but anyway we`ll do our best to ararnge staying overnight and any kind of assistance to those who will need it.
Finish – Vladivostok, the formula remains unchanged – 10 x 10 !!!
Please to anyone who thinks and plans to go this route, indicate their intention to pre-registration! Don`t forget to leave your comments on mail

See you! FILOSOF and Serb.

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