International transcontinental motor ride, called


“RUSSIA 10 x 10  2015”

Is a non-commercial private project, which implies an organized ride on motorbikes from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, matching the following formula: “10х10, i.e. 10 thousands kilometers, during three days.
It will be organized for all lovers of days-long, hours-long motorbike runs. Everyone to his taste! Mountaineers enjoy climbing high, divers like to dive the deeper the better, and some folks are glad to ride as further away as possible.
So far Russia hasn’t known such a wonderful days-long bikers event. And now you have such an opportunity to try yourself, to feel it deeply, to learn what that is and what it is for.

The rules of the Ride

1. Participants have to pass distance from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, 6214 miles (10 000 km) in length following a definite route within 10 days.
2. Participants should pass the appointed pit stops.
3. Participants have right not to stick to schedule offered by organizers, though it would make their passing of route easier.
4. Participants are free in choice of speed, overnight spots and stop spots.
5. Participants are free to determine the mileage of their daily run.
6. Participants are free to ride in groups or independently.

Race participants who meet the above conditions, receive the title of membership MAD RIDER.



The budget is around 120 000 rubles. And these are the following:

Fuel. 10 000km 7l / 100km = 700 l. (40rub. / liter) = 28 000 rub.

Accommodation. 15 days 700 – 1 500 rubles. on the track and twice as expensive in the start and finish points or cities = about 25 000 rub. Living in a tent is free:))
Meals. At the same 15 days ~ 1 000 rub. = 15 000 rub.
Again, according to the needs and preferences

Sending bike transport company to Moscow about 20 000 rub.

A plane ticket to Moscow about 30 000 rub. depending on the needs and opportunities.

Entry fee – 1 ruble!)))

For a total of about 119 000 rubles.

This is an approximate calculation. More precisely, fuel, lodging, meals and other expenses pilot finds himself.